Regarding the use of the word ‘cycling group’ in this and other ‘posts’, this is used colloquially. It does not refer to a constituted body. I provide this disclaimer to inform you of your responsibilities and obligations in participating in the ‘group’ rides.

This blog and its posts are for commentary and for information on the date, time and place of rides, the purpose of which is simply ‘to get the word out’ to like-minded people who wish to share a common experience. In doing so, I assume no responsibilities.

Our ‘cycling group’ as such is an informal one, with no constitution, insurance coverage, or membership requirement. Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon each of us to recognize the risks (vehicular, mechanical, rider error/health, misfortune, etc.) that may result in personal injury Accordingly, participants must assume responsibility for their own safety and conduct – and for any consequence arising therefrom. The key point here is to alert participants of the inherent risks in cycling, especially in a group setting. Each of us must therefore ride and conduct ourselves with the safety of our fellow cyclists paramount.

Cyclists can mitigate risks by riding in accordance with the rules of the road, by riding a bike in good working order, by regular maintenance, by acquiring the proper bike handling skills, by learning about group riding etiquette, by proper nutrition and hydration, amongst others.

Please read up on pace-line riding. Check these links: