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Oct 05: 102 Kms; 3 Hrs 23 Saddle Time; 407 Metres; 3466 Calories. Mark, Perry, Raymond, Angelo, Kevin, Jarrod, Scott, Marcel

Okay, this just about sums it up, “You just should have been there”!

Eighty to one hundred cyclists, with about an even split between the 100 kms and the 150 kms groups. Lots of flats on Ch d’Aylmer. But the warmish temperatures and good humour in plenty among the cyclists kept spirits high. And so, we were  off again before we knew we were stopped at a comfortable pace enjoying the rural sights and smells and fall colours of the Pontiac.  At least, that is until we left the four corners at the Queensline and headed towards Storyland with more urgency now than before. This is where several groups formed where once there had been one. The race was on for Quyon, and what a thrill it was. You just should have been there. But, hey, I said that before. Great ride. Super. Thumbs up. High fives all around.

Kudos to Perry and Scott for leading the charge. Kudos to Marcel and his friend for chasing them down. The smiles trumped the pain of the effort. Doesn’t it always.

Okay, that’s it for me. No ride on Sunday. Weather forecast indicates a high probability of rain. Sorry. Stay tuned for details of next weekend.

Ciao. AC. Comments always welcome at;

Be Back Next Year

Be Back Next Year

Ferry me Home

Ferry me Home

Okay, we are going to seize the day and ride the Tour des Ponts On Saturday. How many weekend rides remain this year. Tomorrow is one of them. Don’t miss out. The group ride is fun and the food is great and the conversation is what you make it.

The venue is the Quyon Hotel. Registration is at 9 am, with the ride starting at 10 am. See you there for some coffee and toast and chat before the ride.

Details at

Unfortunately, some of our regulars will be mia doing other things. Still, I expect to see about nine or ten of us at the start line. Hope you are one of them.

Okay. Bye bye. AC. Comments welcome at; Twitter at

Okay. Hello. This is just a preliminary notice about Saturday’s ride. The weather forecast has improved. Looks as if we might take part. Will confirm Friday afternoon.

Meantime, see the WQW notification from their website:

“Fall is just around the corner and the end of  the cycling season approaches just as fast as summer went in the blink of an eye.  With that time comes the world famous (an sometimes infamous) West Quebec Wheelers Tour des Ponts.  As usual, there will be 2 routes.  A short-and-talking-pace 100 and a fast-and-not-so-short 150.  Either way, you’ll see the fall colors better than in HD, you’ll have a map in case you get lost with your pals and we’ll feed you a hot meal when you make it back to Gavin’s.   Make sure to bring a few dollars for your entrance fee and a cold one.   Registration is October 5th at 9 AM.  We roll out at 10 AM.”

FYI, I would expect to be there for 9am, have some coffee and toast, relax, chat, sit about until roll-out time at 10 am. From past experience, I recall that the WQW’s are somewhat relaxed about their start times.

Okay, will post go or no on Friday. Ciao. AC.

Ps: if you plan to go, please let me know at