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This is a short message to tell you that several of us are riding the RLCT this weekend. There will therefore be no group rides from Stinsons this Saturday and Sunday. For those of you still in town, you can reach out to each other. The weather is looking great. You don’t want to miss a chance to saddle-up. Meantime, you can be thinking of us enjoying a brew on the Queens’ Commons about 2 pm on Saturday. I know you’ll be there in spirit. Where else would you rather be? Wish us a safe journey.

Our usual weekend rides will recommence June 16/17, with me posting ride information on Friday afternoon.

What I’m listening to:

Okay, Stay fit, fine, firm always! Bye-bye, ac.

Look forward to hearing from you at arnpriorcycling@bell.net;;

“Measure your health by your sympathy with morning and Spring. If there is no response in you to the awakening of nature, if the prospect of an early morning walk does not banish sleep, if the warble of the first bluebird does not thrill you, know that the morning and spring of your life are past. Thus you may feel your pulse.” hdt

June 06-07/15: RLCT 345 Kms; Fourteen Riders ++; 5 Hrs 22 + 5 Hrs 42; 1047 Metres + 863 Metres (unadjusted)

One could use many words to describe this year’s tour experience: memorable and eventful, and sobering come to mind; also, unbelievable, fantastic, and fast would be appropriate. The bottom-line, we had a once in twenty-seven year RLCT. Have there ever been two such consecutive ‘perfect weather’ days? Sure, there have been single days, sometimes a Saturday and sometimes a Sunday, but not two perfect days; and with the exception of kilometre # 131 on Saturday when our forward motion abruptly – unexpectedly, alarmingly – came to a crashing stop, it was one for the books. Heck, it was one for the books anyway. Write that down.

Still, not everything was wonderful.

With Kingston in sight and with only a gear change or two left to be made from the big ring to the small chain-ring, it all ended for MG. The ensuing scene was from a TV tour crash except that the strewn bodies and bikes, the scrapes and bruises and breaks were ours. All of this rudely reminding us how dramatically events unfold and how helpless one is in the circumstances. Be safe is an impossibility. It is merely a hope, an empty entreaty.

Fortunately, we all escaped relatively unscathed and were able to resume the journey, save MG. Yes, there was some loss of confidence but no loss of gusto in the pace-line, as the mafia train gathered steam for Kingston. It was as if kilometre #131 required a definitive answer – an affirmative raised finger. And, so, our celebration at Queens did not abate as we quaffed a beer and had a burger on the common-green and had pleasant thoughts of MG under the care of attentive nurses at KGH. That’s how we imagined it anyway. And, it’s true that MG’s complexion was much improved when we next saw him at dinner.

You just should have been there.

Okay, so what was of note:

– perfect weather (temperature and wind direction)

– saddle-time and relative ease of effort (for the most part)

– disciplined pace-line, inspite of the incident

– Raymond and Keith passing Paul (?) as he tried to out race them up the Bollingbroke hill

– kilometre #131; MG with ashen face against the rock wall; MG led away by the firefighter

– dinner at Ban Righ Banquet Hall and Mark’s arrival, arm in sling

– the Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh

– kilometre #40 on the Battersea/Jones Falls Rd (derailleur-hanger explosion); sparks and ribaldry

– kilometre #55 Elgin; waiting on godot; where the minutes of the group ride end

– Woodroffe Ave (what more needs to be said)

Yes, this year’s RLCT had its moments.

A big thanks to Joe for checking in on MG and for gathering up his belongings.

Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at;

All of old. Nothing else "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."SB

“All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” SB

Ready to Duel at Last Duel Park

Ready to Duel at Last Duel Park



June 08: 174.2 kms; 5 hrs 40 minutes saddle time; 658 Metres; 6210 calories; June 09: 173.7 kms; 5 hrs 47 minutes saddle time; 600 metres; 595 calories.  jeff, mark, perry, peter, raymond, keith, rob, derek, kevin, brian, tim, eric, terry, (marcel, chris). Total 347.9 kms!

Okay. Wow. We made it. Fourteen riders. One puncture. Great ride! Great riders! Great time! Great memories! A whole lot of fun. Priceless. The chinese writer is right: First you taste the bitterness; then the sweetness. Grim and inauspicious at the start but all smiles and high-fives in Kingston. Yes, if the early morning rain and the prospect of a cold and wet ride was not off-putting enough, then, the rule-bound registration marshal was just another ominous sign that this was going to be a tough ride–even before we clipped feet into pedals.

Six forty-five became 7 am became 7.15–wet, cool, and waiting for Peter, who was caught-up in the slow-moving back-water administration of RCLT sign-in desk. With no sign of Peter, we saddled-up and left in the hope that things would improve. And, they did, albeit slowly. I suppose Ashton was the turning point. And while Perth still found us bedraggled, the road was now dry; and, miraculously, Peter arrived. Now reunited, all was sweetness and light; or, so it became the closer we got to Kingston.

The first break-away took place on the long hill just past the T-Junction at Althrope and Bollingbroke/Mountain Rd. Here, Keith, Raymond, and Perry and some others made the jump, leaving the rest of us to scramble as best we could to meet them at the Christie Lake Rest Stop. No harm done. We regrouped, ate, and moved on, with Kevin and Tim leading the way with no shortage of energy. And this is how it remained until, Keith, Perry and Raymond hit the accelerator on the hills to Perth Road Village. It was here that Jeff and Rob took up the chase pulling the rest of us up and down several bumps to close the gap. We didn’t catch them but it was a ride!

From PRV, all was sweetness and light again until Mark decided that he would go for the moon on the long climb into Inverary, saying as he passed everyone ”I don’t know why I’m doing this” but smiling all the while. And, so the big engine was away with several others in pursuit. Thankfully, Rob didn’t take the bait, waiting instead to pull the rest of us across the gap, which was now some 250 metres. This took some effort and was only realized in part because one of the front-runners had the wit to distract Mark into talking about his favourite movie. It worked. We were back and so we remained (more or less) the rest of the way into Kingston.

All that was left now was a beer, some chips/pretzels, a photo, a shower, bike wash, and dinner. Not the kind of food that Gregg would have approved of but welcome just the same. And then, rest — ”our little (ride) rounded with a sleep.”

Sunday began early, with the prospect of fair weather just out-of-town—and there it was in perfect cue with the rise in the road as we crested one of the many rollers on Battersea Road. The sun broke through a black curtain of cloud to shine on our efforts. It was a dramatic scene, framed as it was on either side by pastoral green. By California Road, with Perry out of sight and Mark (smiling) on the hunt, we were in full throttle with nothing to stay the forward rush but Sand Lake Road, some five kilometres ahead. The rundown was on to catch Perry, with Brian leading the charge followed quickly by Keith and Raymond and Rob. Next stop was Elgin for a brief respite and then the long ride to Merrickville for a tasty sandwich and a bit of a rest. And, the rest–well it is a blur but a few sights stick out, such as the two large snappers on the side of the road, the large nest- building Osprey on the lamppost, the home stretch sprint thwarted along Woodroffe by traffic lights and a level crossing, with Perry, Keith and Brian alternating positions; the whirr of tyres in perfect pitch to the sweetness of the road; and, the WAHOO moment turning onto college Drive, Algonquin College. Made it! You just should have been there!

Lessons Learned: — hold your line; signal changes in speed; ride with predictability; restart to allow for a full regroup

Kudos: Congrats to Tim and Brian on their first RLCT; Terrific ride Kevin!; Welcome back to Jeff and Derek. Glad to have you back on the RLCT. Congrats, also, to Keith–reigning Ontario and Canadian 55+ age category Champ (again).


Peter: Best disposition (positive attitude)

Brian: Best Dressed/Best Hair (most professional)

Perry: Best Form (riding position)

Thank-you: to Eric for very long, smooth pulls at the front; to Rob for bridging the gap and for making sure no one was left behind; to Brian, Raymond, Keith, and Perry for spirited attacks and head-wind buffering, especially on the last twenty-five kilometres into Ottawa. Welcome to Terry and Chris. Nice to ride with you. And, thank you to Chris for his help with Terry’s puncture. Marcel, thank you for your pulls to Perth.

Down memory Lane: meeting up with Leslie, Larry and David from our 2012 Canbicuba Tour. Nice to see you guys.

Okay, that’s it. Stay tuned for info on this weekend. ciao for now. hc

At the Start---Why?

At the Start—Why?

Finish Line--no question!

Finish Line–no question!


Luggage is carry-on size only

Bring confirmation letter and sign waiver in advance

Verify bib number on confirmation letter to OBC website bib number

Check out at Student Residence (R) across from the (Red) parking lot #8 (ONLY)!

McDonalds at 1850 Baseline Rd (corner of baseline and Navaho) 723-5719. Open 24/7.

Plan to meet there for coffee at 5:45 am, if you wish; otherwise—-

Plan to register and saddle-up by 6:45 am! Meeting place for saddle-up is the green verge closest to the Student Residence building on North Access Drive. Check map on the OBC RLCT home page

Full info at the OBC site RLCT home page

Key points: safety, rules of the road, and enjoy the ride/tour. hc

Comments/questions to