Hello –

I have other plans for tomorrow; consequently, I won’t be posting a Sunday Ride for July 25.

Wishing you guys a good, safe ride tomorrow wherever you go.

The weather look to be fine, with the forecasted rain overnight ending by ride time.

That was another great cycle this morning with ten keeners ready to rock and roll. Neil and three others pealed off in Almonte; and, six others of us rode on to Carleton Place. The ride home was good but the wind was a mix of tail/cross. We made the most of it on Conc 12 and on Old Hwy 17, especially with EC at the front doing full-on domestic duty and the rest of us sitting there reading the weekend newspaper. You just s/h been there!

G1’s were 107.5 kms; G2 ? kms.

For my part part, I thought that was a productive ride but Mr Garmin slapped me with a ‘Unproductive’ status, like an officer of the law issuing a ticket when you knew you’d done nothing wrong.

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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