Hello –

Well, the Barrett Chute ride didn’t disappoint.

Eight of us rode the 114 kms/1044m route. It was marvellous, even when accounting for the traffic (26 cars) on the road to Calabogie. As for Barrett Chute Rd, it’s a buttery smooth stretch of delight with undulations and curves, just like a random date on a hot night in July, requiring deep rhythmic breathing and lots of control. You just s/h been there.

Tomorrow’s offering will not be as sumptuous. It’s a plain Jane affair of bread and jam. In other words, nothing special. Just the same old-same old – a ride east to Almonte and Kinburn along familiar roads.

This will be a social G1 & G2 ride, with no split contemplated. I’m categorizing it as a recovery ride for myself, if no one else. My legs are weary, like a man’s mind after a long stressful week of clamour and distress.

  • Bring sufficient food/drink.
  • NB: G1 & G2 7:30 am Start

Important Stuff July 18/21

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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