Hello – Well, that was f___king awesome this morning.

Wow and Wow and Wow! You really just s/h been there!

What a beautiful morning to ride the Quyon loop. The air was warm and calm and we had eleven riders pulling the train, with the kilometres ticking down in short fashion. Absolutely memorable, with everyone in great form and looking out for their fellow riders. Does it get any better?

We stopped briefly in Quyon and then rode directly onto the ferry, as if it had been summoned by the Ferry Master, Charron, in anticipation of our arrival at the river Styx. All make believe, of course.

Loud laughter and broad smiles accompanied our unbelievable good fortune at the sweetness of the moment, as could be seen in the photos of the event.

All in all, we rode 112.87kms/555m, with the first 26 kms a joint affair. Well done to PD for his effort, given that the pacing was higher than advertised but doable, given the tailwind and relatively flat terrain to that point. Also, a big thanks to NS for taking charge of the G2 ride.

So, I’m thinking that if the TDB goes a head as planned, we’ll ramp up our training to take in additional distance and elevation to prepare for that event. It’s only 100 kms but it has 1000 metres of climbing in the Eganville/Foymount area. Lots of hills there.

And, if we aim for a three hour tour, it will take adequate training to achieve this. You’ll just want to be there. Stay tuned.

Meantime tomorrow, we’ll do a G2 social ride requiring a moderate effort. If you’ve been riding regularly, it shouldn’t present any difficulty. The G1’s are chill and are looking forward to laid back ride.

As for the route, we’ll head up W-L Rd to Conc 8 and around to Pakenham and Dwyer Hill, Panmure to TDP and Stonecrest. Anyone wanting a shorter version can turn at DBM. See MMR Links for details.

Just a reminder that we start sharp at 7:30, with only two minutes grace. You should therefore be ready to ride at 7:30 bearing in mind my preamble takes a minute or so.

  • Bring sufficient food/drink.
  • NB: 7:30 am Start

Important Stuff Sunday July 04/21
Start: 7:30 am (SHARP) from Stinsons on Vanjamar Dr
Distance: 82kms/399m; Option 67kms
Where: Stonecrest Kinburn Hwy 17
Route: Refer to MMR Map
Weather: Mainly sunny; Temps 15-22C; E20
Coffee: None


Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.
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And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over” jm