Hello –

Hope all is well and that you’re riding as much as you’d like to. The weather is certainly hard to figure out. One day the pop is high and you don’t ride and it doesn’t rain; the next day the pop is low and you ride and you get soaked.

Of course, one could always pack a rain jacket; but, rain jackets are like emergency savings – only to be used for a rainy day. Too many pretend rainy days and you’re out of funds.

That’s what happened to us on Canada Day. No jackets. We were saving them for the real McCoy.

Just the same it was a memorable ride in the rain. It was like being caught in the shower for a couple of hours but with lukewarm water and the air-conditioner blasting away, and no off switch.

There was no relief to be had other than put pedal-to-the-metal and to race for home before hypothermia set in – which we did with elan, or as much elan as was possible in the circumstances.

However, the fun fades when shivers and shakes cause a speed wobble and then threaten to fell a rider, such as happened to me flying down the rock-cut at Castleford. I discovered it’s better to pedal than trying to slow down because pedalling steadies the bike and rider, like a good friend’s arm at the end of a pub crawl.

Kudos to NS and J_ for their superb effort in completing the course and for everyone’s ‘Where else would your rather be attitude’.

There were 10 of us – four sensible riders turning at 25 kms for home and six pollyana riders carrying on for another 50+ kms. But, hey, the sky brightened (briefly) and we thought we had dodged a bullet. Not so, unfortunately. It was just a tease to keep the flame alive, like the faint promise of a cold-hearted, friend.

A delusion, readily believed in spite of the reality.

In the end, all was good. It was a blast. You really just s/h been there!

As for tomorrow, it’s looking great for a ride up River Rd to Portage and around to Bristol and Quyon, capped with a Ferry ride ($3) to the Ontario side. This is one of our favourite training routes for the RLCT. As a rule we ride this every May and then once again during the easy going days of summer. Sometimes, we even stop for breakfast and golf at the Pine Lodge Resort. Well, maybe not for golf, none of us are low energy enough for that toff non-activity, yet.

Speaking of training, there’s a possibility that the TdB will take place as a real event on Aug 29. If so, we should definitely pencil that in as a group ride. We’ve ridden this in past years and it’s lots of fun but requires a step up in fitness and lots more hill work. I’m up for it; are you?

Okay, tomorrow’s ride will begin as a joint G1&2 ride, with the Group 2’s pealing off at Castleford or Story Land, depending upon how it’s going. But, given this is a longer ride than normal, we’ll need to maintain a good pace. Having said that, we’ll definitely stay together for at least 26 kms.

  • Bring sufficient food/drink.
  • There’s a depanneur at Portage (42.5 kms) and Quyon (82 kms)
  • NB: 7:15 am Start

Important Stuff

Start: 7:15 am (SHARP) from Stinsons on Vanjamar Dr

Distance: 113 kms (with options)/731m

Where: Quyon

Route: Refer to MMR Map

Weather: Mix of Sun & Cloud; Temps 16-20C; E10

Coffee: None


Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

Contact: arnpriorcycling@bell.net; Twitter @arnpriorcycling; IG @arnpriorcycling (private); WP arnpriorcycling.blog

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