Hello –

Canada Day is upon us and we’ll celebrate(?) with a social ride comprised of Group 1&2 riders. All are welcome. The pace and effort will be tempered but an honest effort is required by all to ensure a cohesive ride. There is some climbing but not so much. The final 35 kms s/b something to write home about.

As always, please bring food/water to refuel along the way. You’ll need it.

For Group 2 riders wishing a shorter ride, you could peal off at several points but really the total distance s/b within your capabilities.

This brings me to to-day’s question, “Why do you ride?”

Is it for –

fitness, health, something to do, to meet other like-minded individuals, for weight management, networking, improving endurance and VO2Max, to get better at climbing, to relieve stress, to carve out some personal time for yourself, other.

Or, just for the joy of it – who needs a reason?

All of the above requires commitment and discipline. It’s just a question of degree and how motivated you are in the pursuit of your cycling goals. Of course, time is a factor; as is overall interest, and where cycling fits within your life as a whole. As KO would say, “There’s more to life than riding a bicycle.”

As for myself, I ride to get better at riding. That’s about it.

Cycling is not really a high skilled sport like golf or activities requiring a high degree of athleticism. No one really ever forgets how to ride a bicycle. Vertigo, I suppose, might pose a problem but otherwise once you learn you always know how to do it. It’s like learning to do the jellyfish float. Once you know how to float, how do you forget to do that?

But, there are subtleties in cycling. For example, how to ride in a straight line, how to be still on a bike, how to become aero and to pedal efficiently. So, that’s what I’m working on.

What are you working on?

Okay, thanks to everyone for joining the rides and for being of good cheer. It doesn’t take up any physical or mental space; It’s weightless; costs nothing other than will and an appropriate disposition. Just, the perfect ride companion.

Looking to Saturday, I’m thinking about a circuit up the Valley and around to Quyon for about 105 kms. Give that some thought. It’s lots of fun. Group 2 riders could hang with us until Castelford, 25 kms into the ride. We’ll see. No decision made on this yet.

Important Stuff

Who/When: ArnpriorCycling/July 01/21
Start: 730 am (SHARP) from Stinsons on Vanjamar Dr
Distance: 79 kms (with options)/513m
Where: Castleford Story Land
Route: Refer to MMR Map
Weather: Mix of Sun & Cloud; Temps 17-22C; NW 20
Coffee: None


Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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