Hello –

I’ve tried to get a definitive answer to whether we can ride as a group. Unfortunately Ford’s announcement came too late for me to contact the RCPH department for clarification. Their offices closed at 4 pm. I called the OPP and was told that the measures take effect on Monday. This is incorrect. The measures pertaining to us take effect at midnight tonight. Further, the OPP wouldn’t comment on whether they would ticket cyclists riding in a group. They referred me back to Ford’s announcement on social gatherings. So, I’ve been going in circles, which is another way of saying stuck in a rut.

Golfing has been banned. Is it a social gathering? I suppose it must be according to the Province’s definition. Using this logic, I guess, group cycling is also a social gathering. No one got back to my email with a contrary opinion so I’ve made the assumption that you are in agreement that group cycling of the type we undertake is prohibited.

If you think I’ve misinterpreted the prohibition on social gatherings as it pertains to cycling, then, please speak up. I don’t profess to speak for everyone on this issue. I’m just one voice to consider out of 22.

Here is a partial text from Ford:

“Outdoor gatherings with people outside your household banned, amenities like playgrounds shut down.

“All outdoor recreational amenities such as golf courses, basketball courts and playgrounds, will be closed.

“Effective 12:01 a.m. Saturday, outdoor gatherings will be prohibited except for members of the same household…” 

“Police will have the authority to ask anyone outside their residence to indicate their purpose for leaving home and provide their address. That includes stopping vehicles and potentially issuing tickets of approximately $750.”

You may ask what is the difference from last week at this time with respect to Group riding. The key difference is the police authority to stop and fine and to question why we’re in a social gathering. Also, members of the public have been encouraged to report individuals disobeying the Public Order. I’m not your mum but Mr Ford is definitely your big Daddy. Disobey him at your peril.

Accordingly, not wanting to put anyone at risk of incurring Mr Ford’s wrath and a Fine by the OPP, I’m cancelling notification of group rides via this Blog until further notice.