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We are allowed to leave home for exercise and there are no specific kilometre limits. There is a prohibition on gatherings, however; so, with that in mind, we’ll not gather; we’ll ride; we’ll respect that by observing the COVID-19 protocols. Please bring a face mask even though you will not be using it when riding. Also, please maintain an appropriate distance from each other when off the bicycle.

Many of us have been riding regularly and are consequently in each other’s bubble. Also, a few of us have had our first vaccination; and while that is insufficient for immunity or for stopping the spread of the virus, it does provide some measure of protection. Unfortunately the epidemiologists say that even when we’re all vaccinated (and there’s herd immunity in the community) we will still have to wear masks and avoid each other because of the potency of the VOC’s. The highest vaccine efficacy is +/-90%, leaving ten out of a hundred vulnerable to getting COVID even, when vaccinated. This is nasty virus.

I’m writing this as a reminder that we each must accept responsibility individually for our decisions to join the Group rides. This pertains to not only COVID risks but also to risks in general with respect to group riding. Consequently, I refer you to the Disclaimer Page on the Blog. Please read this now. There will be a test tomorrow!

Some may say enough of these editorial/preachy comments, “I just want to ride my bicycle. Cut the palaver and get on with the ride details”.

I hear you but a certain amount of ‘admin’ related palaver is necessary, in my opinion.

All of the above is not meant to dissuade you from joining the Group Rides but to remind you to consider the risks. Please join us tomorrow, if you can. The ride distance can be modified at Pakenham and Almonte, if you don’t have time/fitness to join us for the scheduled ride.

Important Stuff – Tentative Plan:

Who/When: ArnpriorCycling/April 10/21
Start: 730 am (SHARP) from Stinsons on Vanjamar Dr
Distance: 101 kms (with options)
Where: Carleton Place
Route: Pakenham, Almonte, Appleton, CP, Pakenham Hwy 17
Weather: Mainly sunny; Temps 10-20C; SE Wind
Coffee: None

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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– Twitter @arnpriorcycling (currently open)
– IG @arnpriorcycling (private)
– WP https://arnpriorcycling.com

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