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As an atheist, the X-mas story has no resonance for me. The birth of Jesus fulfills no prophecy nor offers any hope of salvation nor any prospect of ever meeting my mom and dad. Still, I find joy and pleasure daily, knowing life will end for me in nothingness, and possibly in eternal damnation in the ‘lake of fire’ for acts of denial.

That’s a terrifying prospect; yet, I wish my Christian friends (and those of religious faith and conviction), a Happy X-mas: may god answer your prayers and live up to your high expectations for an everlasting life and a reunion in the hereafter with loved ones.

My xmas wish is that you enjoy the company of family and friends in whatever numbers the authorities allow; may you have food and drink and good cheer in abundance and a belly full of laughter, as you recount the year gone by, and life’s folly and foibles. May your pleasure be great in remembrance and may joy overflow your cup in moments of gladness, while the world halts its scurry, however briefly.

May you have vigour and vitality in 2021.

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“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Oscar Wilde