ArnpriorCycling Nov 14/20 1 Rider; 98 kms; 3 hours 35; 523 metres

Well, the narrative this morning was the wind. There’s really not much else to say, except like a dessert of yoghurt, rhubarb, and ice cream it was a mixed bowl of delight. One could talk about the cold air and the brooding sky but they were minor players in the morning’s drama. It was Jekyll and Hyde wind, friendly and fierce.

But, in the context of fourteen days of quarantine (now history), it was a welcome breeze from the confines of house arrest. Where else would you rather be – under COVID-19 scrutiny or free as a bird buffeted by the wind?

Those 14 days appeared to me like an eternity of deprivation. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But, quarantine was no fun. The COVID-19 Minders hounded me like a Border Collie does sheep, keeping me penned and on edge. But, I’m COVID-19 free (non contagious) and free also from the hassling authorities.

Now, I’m left to muse on the greater threats posed by the inevitability of one’s death and of certain damnation. Eternal themes in the minds of man. To which I now add age and declining performance on the bike and in the bed. I’m not commenting on the latter but I’m doing my damnedest about the former.

Inactivity is not good – being off the bike for two weeks doesn’t help. The body ages quickly when not stressed. Before you know it, there’s a spongy belly and flabby dabby arms and moobs, appearing – like a moth pupa from a cocoon.

That’s not fake news. Getting slower with age is not fake news. It’s a fact, as is Trump’s defeat at the polls. One might rail against it but physical deterioration with age is a reality: VO2 max and cardio decline, muscular strength degenerates, body fat increases, and recovery time between bouts of exercise increases.

All of this is not a welcoming prospect but who’s going to jump off a cliff or hide in bed, shutting out the world with a pillow over one’s head. Not me. I may struggle; I may lag behind; I may get slower but I’m not given in. In time, Zen will come and I’ll reach a higher plane of consciousness and not have to chase my tail. I hope it’s a long way off.

“Do or decline” jb in jhp

So, here’s the Important Stuff – Tentative Plan:

When/Who: November 15/20: ArnpriorCycling
Start: 7:30 am start from Stinsons
Where: South and East
Description: 50-60 kms
Coffee Stops: None
Weather: Cloudy with rain in the forecast
Wind: SE 25+ kms/hr

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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