September 05/20: Four Riders; 89 kms; 2 hours 51; 474 metres

Well, that was a good ride this morning, albeit a gnarly wind and too few riders but overall most enjoyable. Legs are heavy from the effort and from several consecutive days of cycling. It’s frustrating how the muscles fatigue after repeated efforts, even though one nonetheless feels in great form. I suppose that’s why the fitness triumvirate of Stress, Recovery, and Rest is the trainer’s mantra. Maybe an injection would work just as well? Anyone know a doc or two? Asking for a friend.

Okay, thanks for cycling this morning. It turned out to be a good solid effort and Cathy’s home baking was a welcome treat. Someone once said, “you just s/h been there!”. He/she were right on that count. Thank you to CAM for the culinary surprise.

Happy cycling and safe cycling to those meeting at Stinsons and riding tomorrow and Monday.

Regarding Sunday/Monday, no blog post for those days. It’s possible that KO, or NS, or KK will email. If you’re interested, please contact them. Need coordinates, email me at

Regarding next Saturday, stay tuned.

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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“It’s a mercy that time runs in one direction only, that we see the past but darkly and the future not at all.”

‘We Ride to Eat’

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