August 22/20: Six Riders; 107.4 kms; 3 hours 24; 520 metres

Hello –

Well, that was an upside down ride with lots of twists and turns to make your head spin – no restrooms, detours, rough roads, gravel roads, busy highways, on-ride drama, extra mileage. Let’s say we had to adapt to the conditions and it helped that KO was familiar with the territory.  The ride down #148 was particularly trying but the topography of Sand Rd was lovely; and, while the gravel base on Ferry Rd was a surprise, it was actually better than the old tarmac. So, it was a mixed bag but everyone returned home safely, and smiling. You just should have been there!

There is no official ride scheduled for Sunday but KK or NS may send an email/text for those interested. If you’d like to ride, get in touch with either one of them. Need coordinates, write me at

Regarding next Saturday, stay tuned.

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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