August 15/20: Six Riders; 103.8 kms; 3 hours 07; 447 metres

A big thanks to all riders for coming out this morning. The conditions were ideal for cycling. As KO would say, “it was a Doris Day” Not to be missed. Well, you might have wished to miss the puncture, resulting from the gravel on Vances Side Rd. It was a vibrating experience but not as hard on the body or bikes as the broken up and bumpy  Barlow Cr – definitely a road to be missed. How’s that for a string of six b’s? Okay, so it’s not a class in literary technique. Apologies.

Six is a good number. It would be nice to see six to eight riders on a regular basis. If you haven’t been out in awhile, why not join us?

There is no official ride scheduled for Sunday but KO may send an email for those interested. If you’d like to ride, get in touch with KO.

Regarding next Saturday, stay tuned.

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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“Thou knowest this man’s fall; but thou knowest not his wrassling.” —James Baldwin

June 27,, 2015

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