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Well, right off, let me apologise for being out of touch with reality. No sane person starts cycling at 5:45 am from P3 on Canada Day. Well, I did but I guess that’s the point. I’m missing a few marbles. This was a ludicrous idea (for everyone else) for which I apologise. I should have had more thought for my cycling companions and less for myself when I set the start time. I failed to consider the adverse effect an early start would have on those travelling from out of town. I hope this mea culpa will encourage you to join us again. I apologise for my self centered approach to organising the group rides. I will try harder in future to accommodate the many and varied interests of the group.

You can help me by providing feedback directly rather than just summarily making changes to the start time without prior consultation. I would appreciate that.

Regarding the group’s historical name, I won’t be using it. The BLM movement and Indigenous concerns around the historical use of incendiary language have brought to light the negative consequences and harmful effects of entrenching objectionable words into everyday parlance. I hope you agree. I’m not stating this as a moral high ground issue. If you choose to continue to use the name and to wear the jerseys that’s your prerogative and it’s not for me to say it’s right or wrong for you. I’ll respect your choice and not comment. This has been a topic in the past but recent events have brought it to the foreground again.

Important Stuff – Tentative Plan:

When/Who: July  04/20: ArnpriorCycling.
Start: 7:30 am P3  Gatineau; if this doesn’t suit, we could try 8 am. But, barring objection, it’s 7:30 for now.
Where: Three Loops – Black’s x2; FLP x1, Lookout x3
Description: 87 kms of rolling countryside/ 1250 Metres
Coffee Stops: None
Weather: A mix of sun and cloud; Temp mid twenties
Wind: Not a factor because we’ll be climbing

So, this is a great route up to the Lookout. It gives us maximum climbing and good distance for the time spent cycling. Basically, we ride from P3 up Pink and up Black’s to the Lookout; then, we cycle down the FLP all the way round to the junction with GP and CP to start our second ride up Black’s to the Lookout; from there we ride down the FLP all the way to P8 before turning around and climbing back up the FLP to the Lookout; from there we ride down Black’s to the junction with GP; at that point we turn left for about two kilometres to take in another climb before we we turn for home. Total time will be 3 hours+/- a few minutes. That’s a medium length ride to afford a good training effect. It’s hard effort but most of us have ridden the Gatineau a few times and it shouldn’t present any major difficulty. The biggest obstacle will be heat and humidity.

You may ask why Black’s twice. For my money, it provides the best bang for the drive to the Gatineau. We go for the climbs, after all.

If a remote start doesn’t appeal, let me know. I can devise an alternative option.

As noted a few weeks ago, I won’t be posting details of Sunday rides. FYI.

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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– Twitter a@arnpriorcycling
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– WP arnpriorcycling.blog

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