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This may not suit everyone or anyone that’s why I’m sending it out early so you can plan accordingly. I hope you can join me on Wednesday for a great ride in the Gatineau, an absolute top of the line venue for road cycling. I think it a go-to place to ride at least once or twice a week, if that suits your schedule.

We could also make it an annual tradition to cycle the Gats every July 01, as a way to celebrate Canada Day. Next year (when  COVID19 is history), we might even be able to celebrate with a beer afterwards!

However, if the prospect doesn’t appeal or you have other plans or you would rather ride locally with others that’s fine. Everyone has to choose his own path and compatible companions. My choice may not suit you.

Important Stuff – Tentative Plan:

When/Who: July  01/20: ArnpriorCycling/MAFIA
Start: 5:45 am P3  Gatineau 5:45 am Start from P3
Where: Three Loops – Black’s x2; FLP x1, Lookout x3
Description: 83 kms of rolling countryside
Coffee Stops: None
Weather: >>>>>Sunny; Temp 08-17C
Wind: >>>>>>NE Light. Haha

The early start will allow us to avoid the crowds and get us back to Arnprior around 10 am(?). On the other hand if you’re not in favour of the 5:45 am start, what time would suit? The earlier the better, given it’s the National Holiday and the park will be busy. Also, the temperatures will be in the mid twenties. Still, I’d rather enjoy company than cycle alone.

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

– arnpriorcycling@bell.net
– Twitter a@arnpriorcycling
– IG @arnpriorcycling
– WP arnpriorcycling.blog

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