June 07/20: Four Riders; 86.9 kms; 2 hours 55; 620 metres

Hello –

Tough weekend of riding. But, perspective is everything:

“… there’s no such thing as a bad ride so long as everyone ended it in one piece. Sure, there are tough rides and long rides and cold rides and rides when the legs just won’t respond…. but with friends and sun and bikes there’s always something good to savour….” EC

Well said and a good reminder that there is more to the weekend rides than the bicycle. It’s a key element, no denying that, but good friends and compatible riders are the spice that give it flavour and leave us wanting more. Where will you be next weekend? You’ll just want to be at Stinsons for the 7:30 group rides before life slips away, like dripping water from a kitchen tap, inconsequential at first but lost forever, like Cinderella’s slipper but with no happy ending.

Important Stuff – Check back on Friday

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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Nobody feels any pain
Tonight as I stand inside the rain
Ev’rybody knows
That Baby’s got new clothes
But lately I see her ribbons and her bows
Have fallen from her curls
She takes just like a woman, yes, she does
She makes love just like a woman, yes, she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks just like a little girl
Queen Mary
She’s my friend
Yes, I believe I’ll go see her again (bd)

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