May 17/20: Five Riders; 92.2 kms; 2 hours 54; 431 metres

Well, that was okay; actually better than okay (except for BG who had a puncture with 11 kms to go) but otherwise what a delight to get such favourable conditions after yesterday’s difficult north-west wind. Let’s hope we get a good run of good weather and light winds. It was a splendid morning of riding and conversation but no coffee stop. Eventually, that will happen. Meantime, if you’d like to join us cycling, please come out to Stinsons on White Lake road.

Tomorrow would be a good day for new riders or past riders. We’re doing a shorter ride and a recovery pace, after a few days of hard riding. I know, I’m ready for a change of pace. Also, the elevation gain will be minimal; so, what’s stopping you, eh?

Maybe, we’ll see you tomorrow? I hope so.

Okay, thanks to all those that rode because there is no group ride without riders showing up. That was an excellent turnout and I appreciate the commitment.

Important Stuff – Tentative Plan:

  • When/Who: May 18/20: 7:30 am ArnpriorCycling/MAFIA
  • Start: Stinsons on White lake Rd.
  • Where:  Pakenham/Kinburn
  • Coffee: None
  • Description: 50 kms
  • Weather: Mainly cloudy; Temp 8-10C
  • Wind East 20-40 kms

Okay, stay fit, firm, fine – always.

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