May 10/20: Six Riders; 76.4 kms; 2 hours 36; 598 metres

No sign of the COVID19 bear this morning but there was wind aplenty from the west – gusting hard and causing speed wobbles. It was a day to fly a kite or sail to New Zealand or some far away clime where the sky is blue and the air warm and the beach inviting. No such luck. So, we rode from Stinsons into the gale and zigged and zagged to thwart the wind to little avail. Eventually, we made a final turn north-east and were rewarded handsomely by twenty plus kilometres of freewheeling. Well, not exactly freewheeling but we were free from the wind, at last. It was a joyous blast of emotion all the way back to Stinsons. You really just should have been there.

Perhaps, next week?

Now, for a Baileys!

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“Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” John Muir