Hello – good day to all.

On a day that began in cloud and cold air and remained so for many hours, I found it difficult to get started.  Yes, there are many impediments to starting out. Comfort is a powerful anesthesia, a warm blanket not easily thrown off in the early hours of morning. Who doesn’t want to stay in bed, shun the light, roll over, and hide? Life is an uphill grind, beginning with climbing out of bed. It was ever thus … .

“Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Gen 3-16

Sloth is a voluptuous siren. Entropy is omniscient. Determination, resolve, discipline are inadequate to the hour of need. Insatiable ‘Desire’ is a driving force – an Archimedes lever against lassitude and procrastination. Who has regretted the effort, hard as it sometimes is, to get out and ride. Carpe diem because COVID19 is a sneeze away. Exercise activates immunity. Were you ever more alive than gasping for breath on a long, hard climb? What’s holding you back? Go for it. Ride on!

Okay, the Premier has announced new regulations regarding group size – no more than five. And so, our group rides will remain on hold for now but there’s a possibility that we could start up soon, since many times we  have five or fewer riders at Stinsons. Stay tuned.

Right, that’s it. Always interested in contrary points of view, ideas, suggestion … .

Tour Dates (tentative in light of COVID19)

RLCT June 13/14 https://www.ottawabicycleclub.ca/rlct/regnow

Tour of Whitewater July 11  https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=tour+of+white+water

Tour de Bonnechere Mid August http://tourdebonnechere.blogspot.com/

Tour (Grandfondo PEI) Aug 28-30 http://granfondo-pei.ca/

Tour Prince Edward County Sept 12  https://www.countygranfondo.com/

Tour of Thousand Islands Sept 13 https://tigranfondo.com/the-ride/

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“If men applied half as much common sense to their theological investigations, as they do to every other subject, they could not worship a god, who, having filled this world with millions of his children, would finally consign them all to eternal destruction except for a few” elect.    Lydia Child