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Bizarre times.  Social distance and physical separation arising from an insidious viral threat lurking nearby – on the door handle, on the faucet tap, on bits of clothing, on tabletops, on stanchions, on columns, basically everywhere and on everything. Having to go about one’s life assuming one is an asymptomatic carrier; having to act in a responsible manner to save not just yourself but your neighbour, your family members, strangers, health care workers, cashiers, and service workers everywhere. Being admonished to stay indoors, stay at home, avoid all contact with humanity. Is this a Margaret Atwood novel?

Investment portfolios decimated three times – 30+% decline in the value of blue chip equities. Life was never so easy than it was four weeks ago. Now mayhem and chaos and irrational nut-bars running for the hills with their cars full of toilet paper. What have we come to? House arrest is next, most likely. Let’s petition for country wide testing to ferret out this viral insult to our way of life.

All to say, in light of the COVID19 pandemic and in light of a ban on recreational cycling in France and in light of measures in the UK to ‘shame’ group riders, I will not be posting any rides to the Blog until we emerge on the other side of COVID19. According to one UK doctor, the expired breath of your fellow cyclists in front of you/around you during group rides contains droplets, some of which may be COVID19.

The other reason to restrict group rides is to demonstrate compliance with the national wide edict ‘to not spread the virus’. We may yet be given a general prohibition on all outdoor activity. I hope not.

Check out this chilling (but effective video from Northern Ireland) of health professionals pleading for cooperation:


For now, as individuals, we can ride in ones/twos, I suppose, but we risk incurring the wrath of fellow citizens. MG sent me a report from Belgium where a pro rider was assaulted by a passing motorist in a fit of COVID19 rage.

So, how are you doing? Bearing up nicely, I hope. I’m so lucky to have discovered skate skiing three years ago. My winters have been transformed into delight and joy. It’s a terrific challenge for the uncoordinated but can be mastered, in time; and, it’s good for the brain, requiring neuro-muscular control, balance, coordination, muscle memory, and high cardio fitness. One could find a worse pastime, i.e. dipsomania.



Right, that’s it. Always interested in points of view, ideas, suggestion … .

Tour Dates (tentative in light of COVID19)

RLCT June 13/14 https://www.ottawabicycleclub.ca/rlct/regnow

Tour of Whitewater July 11  https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=tour+of+white+water

Tour de Bonnechere Mid August http://tourdebonnechere.blogspot.com/

Tour (Grandfondo PEI) Aug 28-30 http://granfondo-pei.ca/

Tour Prince Edward County Sept 12  https://www.countygranfondo.com/

Tour of Thousand Islands Sept 13 https://tigranfondo.com/the-ride/

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“Meanwhile, someplace in the world, somebody is making love and another a poem. Elsewhere in the universe, a star manyfold the mass of our third-rate sun is living out its final moments in a wild spin before collapsing into a black hole, its exhale bending spacetime itself into a well of nothingness that can swallow every atom that ever touched us and every datum we ever produced, every poem and statue and symphony we’ve ever known — an entropic spectacle insentient to questions of blame and mercy, devoid of why.
In four billion years, our own star will follow its fate, collapsing into a white dwarf. We exist only by chance, after all. The Voyager will still be sailing into the interstellar shorelessness on the wings of the “heavenly breezes” Kepler had once imagined, carrying Beethoven on a golden disc crafted by a symphonic civilization that long ago made love and war and mathematics on a distant blue dot.
But until that day comes, nothing once created ever fully leaves us. Seeds are planted and come abloom generations, centuries, civilizations later, migrating across coteries and countries and continents. Meanwhile, people live and people die — in peace as war rages on, in poverty and disrepute as latent fame awaits, with much that never meets its more, in shipwrecked love.
I will die.
You will die.
The atoms that huddled for a cosmic blink around the shadow of a self will return to the seas that made us.
What will survive of us are shoreless seeds and stardust.” MP