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It’s been an up and down winter, with temperatures fluctuating wildly like emotions in a torrid romance, one day steamy followed by a day of cold indifference, before exploding again with new energy, like a solar flare in the night’s sky. Delightful, maddening, enlivening – always on edge waiting for the morrow.

Here is an update on the Tour de Whitewater, courtesy of Alastair:


Registration is now open, with a sign up early bonus for a free entry draw for those that register by Feb 29.

Other Tour Dates

RLCT June 13/14 https://www.ottawabicycleclub.ca/rlct/regnow

Tour of Whitewater July 11  https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=tour+of+white+water

Tour de Bonnechere Mid August http://tourdebonnechere.blogspot.com/

Tour (Grandfondo PEI) Aug 28-30 http://granfondo-pei.ca/

Tour Prince Edward County Sept 12  https://www.countygranfondo.com/

Tour of Thousand Islands Sept 13 https://tigranfondo.com/the-ride/

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What if Father Quinn had said, “Of course you’ll recognize
your parents in heaven,” instead of saying “Being one with God will make your mother and father pointless.”   b ras