Saturday, Nov 02/19 two riders 60 kms/80 kms.

Sorry for the confusion this morning, resulting from the change in venue and the on/off status of the ride. I obviously made the wrong call. It was a fine day to ride a bicycle. FYI, I did check three separate weather apps before making a decision. I s/h paid more attention to the radar. Next time, I’ll do that.

My apologies to CAM and JG, both inconvenienced by my misreading of the forecast.

Here are the details for arnpriorcycling for Nov 03:

– Sunday Nov 03 7:30 am sharp
– NB: the time change. Clocks move back one hour tonight
– Stinsons on Vanjamar Drive
– Zone 4/5 (>80% MHR)
– Purpose LT2
– Distance 92 kms/665 metres
– Coffee at Neat after 70 kms
– Heading west to Renfrew
– Route details at Stinsons
– Hope to see you there

– Twitter a@arnpriorcycling
– IG @arnpriorcycling
– WP

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