Required Reading:

  • When: September 14/19 at 6:25 (arnpriorcycling) and 8:30 (Mafia)
  • Where: Both rides start and end at Stinsons on White lake Rd.
  • Description: a) 6:25 108 kms/768m to Calabogie/Norton/Pucker/Burnstown – Coffee 87 kms;
  • b) 8:30 am 108 kms to Starbucks at Terry Fox CTC Gasbar
  • Weather: Possibility of rain. The 6.25 am Early Bird special goes rain or shine.

Take it or Leave it

  • Well, you’ve noticed, I’m sure, that the morning temperatures reflect an imminent change of season; and, while autumn is around the corner, his emissary has arrived and is knocking at the door requesting immediate entry. Brr, you say; but to no avail. The sun brooks no entreaty and keeps time to no man’s desire – oblivious and indifferent to human affairs. Therefore, from the back of the drawer liberate your woollies. We have a couple of months to cycle, including tomorrow in the rain and in the heavy winds; but, hey, where else would you rather be than pedalling away the fatty bits with your buddies on the road to Starbucks or to Calabogie? Ride your bicycle. Life is short; sloth never sleeps; time passes and then we’re gone; that’s it.
  • Upcoming Cycling Events
  • September 15 Kingston GF:
  • September 21 Perth GF:
  • RLCT June 13/14 2020. Where else would you rather be?
  • What I’m listening to:

Okay, Stay fit, fine, firm always! Bye-bye, ac.

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“How alone everyone is in the vast tomb of the universe!”
Jean Paul