Required Reading

  • Next Ride Sunday May 26 for a 7:00 am start from Stinson’s
  • Where: Pembroke
  • Description: 167 km cycle; 762 Metres; Turnaround point Pembroke via
    Campbell Dr, Usborne, Brae Loch, Stevenson Dr, River Rd
    Storyland Rd, Four Corners, Chenaux, Magnesium
    Mine View past Jack Ferguson’s to Bully’s Acres
    Kohlsmith Rd, Mansel Hill past Rev Minn’s
    Forester’s Falls Rd past Gypsy Lane, Harold Gilchrist’s and home of the Agnes
    Hwy 17, Astrolabe past Harry the Hawk’s and the old Creamery
    Gould St past Ricky the Rattler’s, Cobden Main
    Snake River Line past past Big Norm’s, Jimmy the Tooth, and Gramma Poff’s
    Mountain View Rd past the 241 Hall and Margaret Childerhose’s
    Right on Stafford 3rd Line past Aunt Ida’s, Frog Pond School, and the original Diefenbunker
    Left on White Water Rd toward Earl Sarr’s
    Right on Hwy 41 past Eddy Cowie’s, Frankie Witt’s and Ted Sarr’s
    through Shady Nook, Irving Big Stop 87.3 km
    Mud Lake Rd past June Carmody’s
    Robinson Rd past Jack Wilson’s
    Greenwood Rd Past Randy Wright’s
    Beachburg Rd past Barry Thrasher’s
    Beachburg, Foresters Falls Rd
    Queens Line Rd past the old Oattes homestead
    Storyland Rd, RR, Stevenson Dr, Brae Loch
    Campbell, Stinson’s 79.7km: Total 167.0 km
  • Purpose: training for RLCT, with focus on distance, time in the saddle, and elevation.
  • Breakfast at the Irving Truck Stop at kilometre 87.3
  • Weather: 14-20C, with WNW winds 25, a mix of sun and clouds
  •  the official website for latest news/corrections

Take it or Leave it

  • In future, all rides will be posted as ‘on’ and will be cancelled only at the last minute, as in at 5 or 6 am the morning of the ride. The idea is to ride if at all possible and not to cancel a ride prematurely.
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