May 19/19: 83 Kms; 2 Hrs 49;  421 Metres; 5 Riders

Essential Reading:

  • Next Ride: Monday, May 20 for a 7:30 am start from Stinson’s
  • Where: Burnstown via Meyer Rd, Waba, Campbell, W-L, Kippen; #508, Stewartville
  • Description: 70 km cycle; 350 Metres; Turnaround point Burnstown (49 kms); No Coffee stop!
  • Purpose: Recovery Ride, high cadence and easy effort
  • Weather: 15-23 Celsius; wind SW 20; cloudy with showers
  • Next Weekend – 170 kms Pembroke; KO road boss; Details to follow
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Take it or Leave it

  • Another windy slog that eventually paid dividends when we turned the corner for home at Carp. Very nice indeed. Five compatible cyclists, equally capable and cooperative, and all in high spirits – some from a late night of spirits. Not to have been missed. You just should have been there!
  • Monday’s ride is for recovery. New comers welcome. No racing, just conversation and relaxed cycling. Bring your rain coat, however.
  • What I’m listening to:

Okay, Stay fit, fine, firm always! Bye-bye, ac.

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