July 29/18: 102 Kms; 3 Hrs; 15; 675 Metres; Seven Riders (Stinsons)

July 28/18: 96 Kms; 3 Hrs, 32; 1600 Metres; Five Riders (Gatineau)

July 28/18 108 Kms Stinsons; Four Riders (Stinsons)

Hello –

Great riding this weekend with a number of our local cyclists making the effort to get out and ride from Stinsons and the Gatineau. Thanks to everyone for their flexibility and their participation. It’s always a treat for me when we have active participation in the group rides.

One person riding is a lone rider; two people are a pair of riders; three people are a group of riders. I like a group of riders. Preferably more than three. Six, seven, or more, if possible. The cycling dynamic is different and oftentimes better; the pace is higher; the work effort more easily shared; the conversation more varied and interesting; the coffee stops filled with raucous laughter and disputation; and the memories, when recounted over a brew or two, are like the colourful strands of a tapestry, with each strand woven by the yarn spinner.

I’m always delighted, as I sit in the For the Road Cafe, and see you arrive in turn, and wonder who will be next; how many will there be this morning? Will Mark and Jeff appear like ghosts from a past life? Will Kevin find the time to ride? If he’s not here on Saturday, will he make it on Sunday? Will Eric and Max escape, briefly, their yard and house obligations? Will Raymond be free from toing and froing his girls to-day? Will Blair break free from cottage life? Will reliable Joe be there again and again or is this the weekend he’s in Toronto? Will Alastair, on his new Giant Defy, arrive just as we’re pulling out of the parking lot? Will Neil be free to ride this Saturday or was it Sunday he said he’d be here? Will Keith’s late nights keep him out-of-town? Will Cathy juggle her hectic family affairs successful to make another weekend ride possible? So may questions.

Why do I fret because I’m happy to say that for the most part you arrive in your ones and twos. We always have a ‘group’ of riders. Can’t beat that. Thank you.

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Okay, Stay fit, fine, firm always! Bye-bye, ac.

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