July 07/18: 107 Kms; 3 Hrs, 12; 440 Metres; Nine Riders

Hello –

No photo of the ride. Oversight, especially given the turnout and the fair conditions. By fair, I mean sunny and warm. It was windy. Super windy at times but the course was such that we had great variety – head wind, cross wind, tail wind, repeat, and then repeat again. Actually, it wasn’t bad. The elevation gain was modest, too. All in all, we were smoking; and, I don’t mean the medicinal stuff or the other stuff either. I mean, the pace was wicked. Of course, in these matters average speed is a relative thing.

A big thanks to everyone for agreeing to a remote start. It sure eats into the day. But, it was worth doing and we got to ride in unfamiliar terrain. Scenic and pretty and a nice change from our usual fare. Hope you enjoyed it. I did.

It’s turning out to be the year of the flat. Mine last Monday and Blair’s to-day, within 7 kilometres of the end. All things considered, we got some welcome respite in the shade while Blair worked on his repair. In any event, nothing was going to spoil the experience. It was a great tour of Westmeath and we had a pleasant time afterwards chatting and going over the ride. You know, you just should have been there.

Relive thanks to JG: https://www.relive.cc/view/1687261925

Okay, here’s the tentative plan for Sunday (two options)

1) Meet at Stinsons on White Lake Rd for a 7:30 am 7:30 am start and ride whatever distance and to wherever based upon the preferences of those present.

2) Meet at P3 in the Gatineau for a 7:30 7:30 am start and ride clockwise up King to the Lookout, down Fortune and then back up King down Fortune again to the start of King and then reverse direction and climb back to P8, P9, P10, then up Fortune (the Corkscrew) etc. In short, this route takes in climbs up King twice and F-Parkway once. Total s/b in the range of 83 kms and 1507 metres.

Ask yourself, where else would you rather be when the alarm rings on Sunday morning than on your bicycle pedalling away the fatty bits? You know you’ll just want to be there.

What I’m listening to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toJ3ZYWRh24      Bonnie Raitt

Okay, Stay fit, fine, firm always! Bye-bye, ac.

Look forward to hearing from you at arnpriorcycling@bell.nethttps://arnpriorcycling.blog;   https://twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling;     https://www.instagram.com

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