June 30/18: 83 Kms; 3 Hrs, 02; 1544 Metres; Five Riders

Hello to you all. That was a grand day – a granddaddy of a day. There are not many of these in any one year.

Did you ride to-day? I hope so. Did you get out early? I hope so. We did. And, our reward was another over-the-top experience in Gatineau Park. Actually 7 am is not so early. Yes, the temperature was warm and there was rain on the road but the prospect for the day held promise, like the graduate valedictorian at the lectern.

We left P3 amidst laughter and bonhomie and rode to Pink Lake Hill, our first challenge of the morning, with Joe out front chasing down an unsuspecting cyclist. Priceless!

I did caution Joe (everyone actually) that we were riding Fortune (the corkscrew) once, King twice, and the two Penguins twice – not inconsiderable climbs themselves. But, hey, adrenaline was high. So off we rode as if the road ahead were flat and downhill for 83 kilometres.

It wasn’t, of course; and, we eventually settled down to the natural order with Blair and Tim out front and the rest of us following as best we could. Finally the pace was sensible and we found a good rhythm that served us well for the duration of the ride. Gravity has that effect. It puts the break on forward motion in the way a stern parent limits the freedom of a newly licensed adolescent driver. Still, we tested our legs on more than one occasion to summit, only to find there was yet another curve in the road leading up and beyond our grasp. It was absolutely delightful. You know, you really just should have been there.

Many thanks to Blair and Steve for their participation this morning, after having driven a considerable distance to take part in the ride.

As for Stinsons crew, I have no update on that but I understand that several of the group met and rode from there at 7:30. Here’s hoping they, too, had a memorable morning.

Okay, here’s the plan for Sunday:

Meet at Stinsons on White Lake Rd for a 7:00 am 7:00 am 7:00 am 7:00 am 7.00 am start and ride to The Good Food Company in Carleton Place for coffee (km 51); home via Conc 8, Clayton Rd, Hwy 29, Pakenham, etc for a total distance of 102 kms and 400 metres of climbing.

Ask yourself, where else would you rather be when the alarm rings on Sunday morning than on your bicycle pedalling away the fatty bits? You know you’ll just want to be there.

Caveat: Route is tentative and is depends upon rider consensus, the turnout, and wind direction.

For those with time constraints, there are many options to cut it short. Don’t miss out, just because the route is longer than you have time for. Weather:  23C – 33 C; Mainly sunny; winds SE 15.

What I’m listening to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhzkxTJipXA   Jessie Winchester

Okay, Stay fit, fine, firm always! Bye-bye, ac.

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