May 05/18: Five Riders; 110 Kms; 3 Hrs 43 Mins; 621 Metres

Howdy …

Just asking you, “When the alarm rings in the morning, where else would you rather be than on your bicycle pedalling away the fatty bits?”

I’d hoped for/expected to see several cyclists at Stinsons but the prospect of a 123 kilometre ride into a gale may have been a factor in the  low turnout. One never knows from weekend to the next who will appear or when we might see them again. Certainly, we could have used a chain gang of cyclists taking turns at the front. It was an effort, full stop; and, we were almost stopped at times by the force of the wind.

My kudos to KO, JG, and MB for hanging in there, given their physical challenges. It’s never easy and it can be especially hard when one is suffering from ailments of one kind or another. Really appreciate you guys being there this morning. All said and done, we altered the route to maximize our pleasure and to make the most of the prevailing tailwind.

As for the ride, there’s not much to relate. It was steady as she goes for 57 kilometres, until we met a ‘friendly’ dog attacking us with vigour – to the point that we couldn’t saddle up, after a brief stop at the side of the road. That was a first. And, quite annoying. JG and CAM walked for a hundred or so metres to get away as we tried to confine the ‘friendly’ animal, until the owner took pity on us and corralled the beast. After that, it was full sail ahead on South McNaughton’s undulating terrain. It was glorious, and a breeze, so to speak. You really just should have been there. And, you can tomorrow.

Meet at Stinsons on White Lake Rd for 7:30 am 7:30 7.30 am start and ride to Carp for coffee (60 kms) with Alice. Total distance 98 kilometres. Route is a surprise (no one reads the description anyway). The teaser is that we will head down White Lake Rd. You’ll just want to be there.

Caveat: Route is tentative and is depends upon rider consensus, the turnout, and the weather.

For those with time constraints, there are many options to cut it short. Don’t miss out, just because the route is longer than you have time for. Weather: 7C – 13 C; cloudy; winds N 15.

Okay, Stay fit, fine, firm always! Bye-bye, ac.

Look forward to hearing from you at;;;


As a fond mother, when the day is o’er,
Leads by the hand her little child to bed,
Half willing, half reluctant to be led,
And leave his broken playthings on the floor,
Still gazing at them through the open door,
Nor wholly reassured and comforted
By promises of others in their stead,
Which though more splendid, may not please him more;
So Nature deals with us, and takes away
Our playthings one by one, and by the hand
Leads us to rest so gently, that we go
Scarce knowing if we wish to go or stay,
Being too full of sleep to understand
How far the unknown transcends the what we know.   HW Longfellow