Oct 08/17: 51Kms; 1Hrs 40; 361 Metres;  Ride

Hello to you all.

As you can tell from the kilometres ridden, we made a drastic change in plans this morning. The wind was a torrent of air thrashing us from side to side as we rode down Russett. It soon became clear that this was going to be a difficult ride. But, we were up for it thanks, in part, to Joe, who did a long pull into the wind. This got us past the “why are we doing this’ stage of the ride. Eventually, after what appeared was a long time, we made it to Stewartville, where as luck would have it, we had shelter from the worst aspects of the south-west wind. Soon, we were at highway 508, where Kevin took a yeoman’s turn, Gerraint Thomas-like, as he pulled us with pace towards the Neat Cafe, our new destination. Bit by bit, the ride got easier, and our spirits soared at  the prospects of a tail-wind after coffee. It was a great feeling to know that our hard work would be repaid in ample dividends, commensurate to the effort that it took to get there.

Coffee time was a relaxed affair as we sat alfresco and enjoyed the conviviality of each others company, drinking expensive, but tasty, Neat coffee. Where else would you rather be when the wind is high, the work is done, the sails are set, and the mood cheery than sitting sipping the caffeinebean, and reflecting upon a great season of cycling. We took a moment to give thanks for our good fortune, for our health, our shared interest, and the fellowship and real communion we partake in each weekend. Priceless. Yes, you know, you really just should have been there.

We gave thanks, too, to our ancestors – those from the savannas of Africa, the hell-holes of Atlantic ships, the survivors of small pox, and the black plague, the potato famine, and the holocaust and the pogrom survivors. We are connected by birth to the great sea of humanity. Who knows from whence we’ve come and the travails of those who came before us. For their anonymous pain, their suffering, their indomitable and questing spirit, we give thanks. we’re lucky to be who we are and to live where we live. Sláinte!

Yes, the day was beautiful and found ways to enchant with each kilometre, with streams of sunlight, autumnal colours, and the sights and sounds (rustling leaves) and smells, and with leaf strewn carpets of confetti, laid down in honour Sir Walter Raleigh-like for the queen.

All was good, even the religious conversation, awkward as it can be, revealed the depth of christian faith of many our cyclists. This is often a  forbidden topic. But, really, can there be a more central subject to being than the meaning and purpose of life. And, while, I do not share their belief that our central purpose on earth is the worship of god, it is clear many of our cyclists do. May they find salvation and eternal life. For me, it’s eternal damnation.

Okay. there you have it. This was my last cycle of the season. Good luck to you all.

This is also the last post of the blog for the season. Thanks for reading, in whole or in part. And, to those that made comments, thank you for your opinion and suggestions.


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“He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” John 3-18