Sept 24/17: 111 Kms; 3 Hrs 29; 623 Metres; Five Riders

Hello to you all.
Wasn’t that a memorable weekend of riding. We logged 216 kilometres in near perfect conditions, except for the extreme temperatures and humidity this morning. In fact, our 7 am start barely gained us ten kilometres until the sun’s rays caught us, like an ill-fated break-away. And, so began the chase, as we tried to stay ahead of the intense heat. We escaped for seventy kilometres before the sun’s rays gathered enough force to cause distress. The heat held us now like an unwelcome embrace from a stranger. We were locked together, with no hope of relief, like an illicit lovers’ assignation in an overcrowded transit terminal. But, fortunately for us, we had bought tickets to the ‘Joe-Train’. This is a powerful, rapido-express. That coupled with a friendly tail-wind made short work of the remaining twenty miles back to Stinsons. It really was a hoot. And, you know, you really, really just should have been there.

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