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Hello. The good life continues. And, cyclists in the Ottawa Valley are blessed with another few days of great riding. Yes, management and the weather gods have consented to an encore performance of last weekend’s warm temperatures and fair winds. We are delighted to receive this bonus, like an expectant audience in sheer delight when the ‘head-liner’, say, Pavarotti, returns to the stage for one last aria. Priceless. You know, you just should have been there.

Yes, it will be hot and the winds will be light but where else would you rather be on a late September Saturday than on your bicycle, taking in the early fall sights-and-smells of the countryside. You know, it won’t last, so now’s the time to get out and ride. Now, some of you may choose instead to golf but that’s an activity for our dotage, and even that might be too soon. Sorry to my golfer friends (do I have any), we’re not there yet. Anyone can golf (badly) but not everyone chooses to cycle at pace and intensity.

Yes, we select our own poison from the medicine cabinet of life. Which one(s) have you chosen. “You can’t complain about the pain you seek.” I heard this in the documentary, Marinoni – The Fire in the Frame. This is worth watching, and not just for the cycling component, although it’s the backdrop to what unfolds. Life’s lessons abound, if we but see, like fallen leaves on an autumn’s walk –  red ones, burnt orange, and mottled, the crumpled and the plain.

There is no argument from me that riding a bicycle is hard work, requiring discipline, frequency, and mileage. All this involves pain on most rides. But the pain pays dividends by bringing us back time-and-again to reap the fruits of joy and pleasure. You don’t have to be racer, or a time-trialist, or be a club rider. Commitment to the activity brings delicious endorphins, excellent fitness, and well-defined legs to the dedicated cyclist. Who could resist that.

Okay, so, I’ve lost most of my audience by now. Sorry.

Here’s the tentative plan for Saturday: (subject to rider consensus)

Meet at Stinsons on White Lake Rd for 7:00 am 7:00 7.00 am start and ride to Burnstown via Campbell Dr, Stevenson, Valley Carver, L-W, Thompson, Castleford, oE, Pinnacel, Hwy 60, Burnstown Rd to the Neat Cafe (bring Gold) (Km 67); home via White lake, Campbell Side Rd, Conc 9, W-L Rd, etc for a total distance of 98 kms and 662 metres of climbing.

For those with time constraints, there are options to cut it short at several points along the way. Don’t miss out, just because the route is longer than you have time for.

This route has lots of climbing but it’s all for your betterment. There is nothing too difficult, mostly steady grades that go on for a bit.

When the alarm rings in the morning, ask yourself, “Where else would I rather be?” than on my bike pedalling away the fatty bits. If you need encouragement, just think you’ll be five months off the bicycle (Nov – March). And, the weather is perfect for Saturday.

Our training goal is to gain power and strength and to build upon our existing endurance base.

As usual, it’s steady as she goes, with minimal delays on the road.

Weather: 18 – 29 C, with high humidity; sun and cloud; POP 10%; winds S, SWS 10.

Caveat: All this subject to change based upon the turnout and the weather and rider consensus.

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Okay, Ride your bike! Bye-bye, ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; https://twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

“You think records are broken with a smile on your face?” marinoni

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