Sept 17/17: 105 Kms; 3 Hrs 27; 624 Metres; Six Riders

Hello to you all.

Well, let me get this out-of-the-way now: You really just should have been there. What a fabulous morning for a bicycle ride with a few of my buddies. The conditions were ideal. The road in front of us was like a mystery, fading into the morning half-light only to re-emerge a couple of hundred metres later, like a young child playing hide and seek behind the chesterfield – “here I am dad; see if you can find me.” The foggy patches were shot through with sunlight, and the cool air alternated with warm currents that enveloped us – like the spontaneous applause that erupts from an audience when its delight can’t be contained. Did I say, “You really just should have been there” And, that’s not all. There was but a trace of the wind’s presence, like the faint scent of perfume on the air left by a beautiful woman, as she strolls by. Her form no longer present but the air vibrating with her passing. Yes, you really just should have been there. Because, we had breakfast at Pine Lodge, a rare treat.  And while the coffee was ho-hum, the meal was filling, and the fresh, home-made raspberry jam left us wanting more. I could tell you about the divine light on the placid waters of the Ottawa as we ferried across to the Ontario side and about the newly paved extended shoulder on highway 17 but I don’t want to make you feel left out for not having been there.

Yes, where else would you rather be on mornings like these? Priceless!

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Life is short and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel with us. Therefore be swift to love, make haste to be kind.       Henri-Frederic Amiel