Aug 20/17: 96.7 Kms; 3 Hrs 04; 1000(?) Metres; Seven Riders

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Hello from a tired and happy cyclist, after a terrific ride this morning in Eganville. We had a cool start to the day, with several of us shivering in-line before the all-clear signal sent us on our way. After that, it was steady as she goes, for the most part. We’ve learnt from past years to keep the powder dry until the hills. Mind you, there is not much respite, since the route is peppered with little rises and rollers that lead to long shallow gradients, all of which test legs and resolve when coupled with an unfriendly wind. Still, we had the benefit of sharing the load by pulling-off every kilometre or so. All this meant that despite the terrain and the wind, we made excellent progress, especially after the rest-stop at kilometre 49. It was here that Neil escaped unnoticed; and, with a just a few minutes lead time, he soon distanced himself from us by taking full advantage of the downhill sections. And, thus ensued a variation of the-hounds and the-hare, with us gaining then loosing sight of Neil, as he pedalled like the billy-oh for forty kilometres before CM made a fierce acceleration for the catch, just eight kilometres from Eganville. It was pure TdF with the peloton reigning in the escapado. You know, you really just should have been there. It was that much fun we’ll be doing it again next August. Why not join us. Sure, you’ll be tired, exhausted even; but hey, you’ll feel like a million dollars, especially after a cold one at the local tavern. Not to be missed!

Okay, that’s it for me. Thank you for riding and making these days special. All things must pass. This too. Soon we’ll be looking back unable to take part at former levels, or at all. Let’s take nothing for granted, especially each other and the friendship and good-times we share.

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“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that’s pretty close.” — Anon