Aug 19/17: 66 Kms; 2 Hrs 04; 473 Metres; Seven Riders

Hello. Well, that was short and sweet. I could get used to that, especially at this end of the season when the legs, while fit, are feeling the effects of many, many kilometres of riding. It’s at this point when a week off the bike makes sense but duty calls for a least one more week before the big depart. This will provide a few days of rest itself before the full-Monty in the mountains. I pinch myself daily for having the health, time, flexibility, and means to enjoy this sport to the full. To you my fellow riders, I say thank you for contributing to my good times on the bike.
Well, what about to-day’s ride? First, the wind was definitely blowing harder than forecast. But, that is nothing new. Yes, we had to fight for every inch of ground but there were enough twists and turns in the route (carefully chosen by the TD) to minimize our exposure to a headwind. To that end, there was much applause for the TD, who accepted it in his usual diffident way. So, you can appreciate that when we turned for home, after coffee at the Neat, it was two thumbs up when we encountered a heavy tailwind.
Certainly, Keith, Joe, and Tim made the most of it by pulling us with alacrity to the Roadside Cafe at Stinsons. Yes, we were all in good spirits, after having had a heady draught of exercise, spiced with peptides. What a feeling. You know, you really just should have been there. Maybe next time. I hope so.
FYI, there will be no group ride from Stinsons on Sunday. Seven(?) of us are heading to Eganville to the Tour de Bonnechere.
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