Aug 13/17: 111 Kms; 3 Hrs 25; 623 Metres; Nine Riders

Hello to you all on a lovely, August summer’s day. Isn’t it beautiful –  full sunshine, deep blue sky, and warm temperature. And, best of all, this morning we slew Sloth for another day. He was no match for nine determined cycling aficionados. He just couldn’t keep pace, even in the draft. And, true to his indolent nature, he refused his turn at the front. And, like a Sisyphean nightmare, he’ll return. Yes, victory is sweet but short. So, don’t be caught lying in bed when you could be cycling. Be ever wakeful.
Well, that was one special ride into the unknown countryside of Admaston/Bromley. We rode down Stone Rd to Douglas and then returned via South McNaughton on a delightfully narrow, undulating country road. All agreed that the Tour Director hit a grand slam with this one. The praise was effusive and well-timed, given the bad vibes of late. Still, all was forgiven in a most christian way. The TD now has the full confidence of management for another week, at least. Such is the tenuous nature of this highly prized position. There are several vying to supplant the TD. Well, not really but the lads and lass are getting harder to please.
As for the ride, the early going was tough into a strong north-west wind. But, with nine in the group, we took turns pulling. And, while the front work was quite hard, it was easy to recover in the line. All this made for a good pace to Douglas. But, it couldn’t match the ease of effort on the return to Arnprior. We just barrelled along. You missed a good one. You know, you really just should have been there. Maybe next time. I hope so.
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