Aug 07/17: 78.5 Kms; 2 Hrs 28; 371 Metres; Four Riders

Hello to you all.
Ah, when you review the photo of the day, you’ll be thinking that the life of the retired and the semi-retired is great. Now, I know we are not all so lucky to have reached this grand state of being. But, for those of us that are, it’s a strong drink, leaving one intoxicated with delight and surprise daily. Yes, and like its distilled counterpart, it’s addictive. But fear not, impairment or a morning-after headache. It’s an FDA approved antidote for years in the harness. Freedom is a great elixir when tethered to purpose and discipline, and when accompanied by good health and an able mind. And while nobody wishes time away, may you slip your harness in good time. May your road afterwards be long and free from unwanted care. Smile and breathe.
As for this Monday’s ride, it was absent the heavy winds of the weekend and the haste of pending commitments. There was no two-minute call. So, we tarried over coffee, stood at rest on the side of the road chatting, and unwound at the end of the ride in a leisurely fashion. You know, you really just should have been there.
Details of this Saturday’s route coming soon.
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