July 05/17: 95  Kms; 2 Hrs 58; 548 Metres; Six Riders

Hello from the cycling capital of the Ottawa Valley. Where else would you rather be on a windy Sunday morning than riding high in the saddle with your buddies close by, dog fighting the wind and then chasing the wind to see who would reach Stinsons first. It soon became obvious though that a few of these guys were too fresh from having had an easy ride on Saturday. They just wanted to play this morning which meant making up for their short ride yesterday. But, that’s okay.  Pinnacle Hill got their attention and so did the ride down GOE to Bruce St with Neil working hard at the front. The rest of us kept our powder dry, not wanting to fan the flames by risking a pull ourselves. So, we held our echelon formation and arrived fresh and picture perfect (judge for yourselves) for our photo-op at the corner of Garden of Eden and Bruce Street. You missed a good one. You really just should have been there.

After the ride, while enjoying a brew (chocolate milk) at Stinsons, the conversation turned political as we voiced views on Omar Khadar. Suffice to say that there were strong differences of opinions on this. I always feel it’s a step back to a darker time when the ill-informed, the irrational, and those whose judgement is clouded by emotion, and those who seek a higher power for answers mount the bully pulpit. That’s my two sense worth, anyway.

We should all breath and smile, and listen to Mr Rogers. “It’s you I like.”


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