July 08/17: 102  Kms; 3 Hrs 08; 579 Metres; Four Riders (White Water Tour)

July 08/17 No stats for the Stinsons riders that rode to Carp but there were five of them

Hello. Well, that was a morning that held no promise of anything good, a bit like the way a misspent youth may mistakenly adumbrate a less than promising adulthood. But, as we know, in life the script is fluid. And, the lowly path taken can be abruptly abandoned for higher ground. The weather is fickle, too, moving to its own nature, and sometimes misread by man. So, this morning’s bleak outlook was only that. It really was a half-full measure, albeit with full cloud cover and adequate warmth and otherwise near perfect conditions, even when accounting for the 50 kms of head/cross winds. Undeterred we rode, as a cohesive group of ten, taking turns into the wind, with only one brief stop after 81.5 kms for a nature break and a handful of salty potato chips. And, the route was special, too, with all the elements that make for an enjoyable and memorable ride – hills, rollers, twists, turns, long curves, steep but short inclines, and long down runs. It truly was first class. And, like the applause at the end of a symphony concert, the rain arrived on cue as we finished the ride. You really just should have been there. And, I wish you had been.

Here’s the tentative plan for Sunday:

Meet at Stinsons on White Lake Rd for 7:30 am 7:30 am start and ride to Renfrew via Russett, Hwy 508, Goshen, Gillan, Hall, Opeongo, Hwy 132, S McNaughton, Butler,Hwy 60, Pinnacle, GOE, Bruce, to Renfrew to Tim’s on O’Brien for coffee after 62 kms; home via Whitton, Gillan, L-W, Stevenson, Campbell Dr, etc for a total distance of 92 kms. Can’t beat that.

This route is flattish, except for Pinnacle and stretches of Goshen. Garden of Eden will be a blast. There’s McGregor’s hill too but we usually have enough momentum to top out before it hurts. The ride home on Campbell Dr is always a highlight. Ask yourself, “Where else would you rather be?” Our training goal is to spin and recover a bit from the White Water Tour. Plan is to keep the effort moderate but to go with the wind when it counts.

As usual, it’s steady as she goes, with minimal delays on the road.

Weather: 15 – 21 C, a mix of sun, cloud; winds west and north-west at 20; POP 20 %

Caveat: All this subject to change based upon the turnout and the weather and rider consensus.

“A group ride is not a race. If there’s no number on your back, it’s not a race.”

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If you a minute, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGHKAWdmGvI


What do you do with the mad that you feel
When you feel so mad you could bite
When the whole wide world seems oh so wrong
And nothing you do seems very right
What do you do, do you punch a bag
Do you pound some clay or some dough
Do you round up friends for a game of tag
Or see how fast you go
It’s great to be able to stop
When you’ve planned the thing that’s wrong
And be able to do something else instead
And think this song
I can stop when I want to
Can stop when I wish
Can stop, stop, stop anytime
And what a good feeling to feel like this
And know that the feeling is really mine
Know that there’s something deep inside that helps us become what we can
For a girl can be someday a lady
And a boy can be someday a man      Mister Rogers