June 04/17: 86 Kms; 2 Hrs 51; 450 Metres; Eight Riders

The sky was full of cloud, the wind was light from the south-east, and in the horizon there was an ominous threat of rain and thunder. The atmosphere was charged and ready for nature’s call to arms. We heard it and cast a wary eye to the sky for any tell-tale signs. Still, we drove on in hope (the way you do with miles to go) when you first catch sight of the car’s early warning fuel light. A bit of tension soon awakens the mind to one’s surroundings. As such, we took full advantage of the tail/cross wind to sail from Almonte to Pakenham and then to Arnprior.

Delight was the condiment of the morning. We shook its cellar dry,  greedy for its flavour and zest. You just should have been there.

But, it’s too late for next weekend because we’re cycling the RLCT. The weekend after that, perhaps. Accordingly, there will be no local group ride until June 17. Stay tuned for details.

There is always lots of chatter before the ride (and after, too). There’s a lot of back and forth – repartee, gentle ribbing, good-humoured jabs, and a no-holds-barred attempt to  keep the conversation honest by calling out cant. Over heard this morning:

MG – “I went to the cinema last night.”

KO: “Oh?”

MG: ‘Yes, I saw Wonder Woman.”

KO: “Really. I was with Wonder Woman last night!”

Happening Now: The Silver Challenge: http://www.ovcata.ca/news/silver-chain-challenge-relaunches-in-june-2017-5088.html

June 24: The Big Relay McNab-Braeside Wellington Park to Clay Bank

July 08: http://www.ovcata.ca/events/july-8-tour-de-whitewater.html

August 20: http://tourdebonnechere.blogspot.ca/

Any other events, let me know.

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