May 28/17: 102 Kms; 3 Hrs 21; 579 Metres; Eight Riders.


Don’t have much to say really –  pooped out, like Dumolin in the Giro on the road to Bormio, I suppose. Need rest. That’s a key element in fitness: stress, recovery, rest. Repeat. The lads have the stress component nailed. Not so sure about recovery. Rest comes natural enough with days off the bicycle but active recovery takes discipline and commitment to the notion that less is more. Intensity comes easily enough with b 2 t wall all out effort.

Having said that, that was another great morning for cycling. At Stinsons, we pinched ourselves upon the realisation that this was the second morning of near perfect conditions. How could we not take advantage of the road ahead. When you open the gate to green pastures, the horses don’t walk to freedom. They bolt; and we did. You just should have been there.

And, you can next week, when we do it all again.

Ask yourself, where else would you rather be?

New cyclists welcome.

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For Mao Tse-Tung: A Meditation on Flies and Kings’. (an excerpt)

They dance best who dance with desire,
Who lifting feet of fire from fire
Weave before they lie down
A red carpet for the sun.             IL

Happy with smiles and humour to spare.