May 22/17: 53 Kms; 1 Hour 57; 266 Metres; Six riders

Hello world.

You guys are beautiful. But, I’ve said that before. What a lovely morning for a cycle. And, it didn’t disappoint. There was a mood of anticipation as we waited at Stinsons for the two-minute warning. You could sense this was going to be a special ride. It hung in the air like an unspoken thought. There was something about the grey sky, the low hanging mist, and the clarity of the morning light that held an understated promise of surprise and delight. You might say that it had that a certain je ne sais quoi quality too vulnerable for comment, lest it break the moment, the way a stone thrown into a pond ripples and changes the surface. I’m sorry you missed it. You just should have been there.

And, you can when we do it all again next weekend. Here’s the tentative plan, subject to consensus: Ride 170 kms to Pembroke on Saturday, weather permitting. KO  is the on-road boss. Details to follow Friday.

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Okay, Ride your bike! Bye-bye, ac. Comments always welcome at;

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