Hello. My titles don’t always reflect the blog content but something tells me you are in no mood for extraneous commentary. So, I’ll get right to the point. At the risk of putting a damper on things, I’m not riding this weekend. The weather is truly for the ducks. I’m not of that species, even if you think I’m a bit of a quack.

  • Morning temperatures on Saturday will be in the 9C range under heavy cloud and constant rain.
  • Morning temperatures on Sunday will be in the 6C range with intermittent rain/snow(?).
  • Wind will be in the mid teens both days.
  • Safety is always an issue, especially in the wet and cold.
  • Verdict: I’m calling it a washout.

I’ve checked around and most other cycling groups (Cyclelogik, OBC, Bushtukah, Kanata BC) have come to the same conclusion. Now, I hear you loud and clear: We march (ride) to our own drum but in this instance good judgement overrules desire. If only that were always true!

For those of us with Zwift, I suppose we’ll have to reactivate our membership. It costs about the price of a Neat Cafe coffee per month. Probably worth doing, given the forecast.

If you plan to ride or would like to get in touch with others of the same mind, I can help you with that.

For non-subscribers: See Contacts

Okay, Ride your bike! Bye-bye, ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; https://twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

If you like long distance cycling, check out this route: http://www.randonneursontario.ca/routes/ga400.html?scale=auto&path=GA&track=Frozen_Granite_Anvil_1200.gpx

Peloton in the rain