Hello. I wonder, have you spotted tree buds in embryonic leaf or noticed earth-fresh blades of grass, or heard early morning bird-song or felt that yearning engendered by the magic of spring? These herald change. An emerging force is about to dominate the landscape, and in so doing renew the body and cleanse the mind, weary from winter’s lassitude. All clichés, I know; but, it’s hard to deny the effect when you see the neighbourhood kids chasing each other like billy oh on their bicycles, as they ride around the subdivision. Me too, I’m infected. I’m ready for the road and for adventure.The world is full of possibility, and I’m pulled towards a newer self by biochemical algorithms. Not to be denied. Ride On!

Okay, here’s the tentative plan for Saturday:

Meet at Old Orchard at #12 (off Usborne Rd) for a 7:30 am 7:30 am  7:30 am start and ride to Quyon (75 – 80 kms); home via the Ferry ($3) and Fitzroy, Galetta Rd, Dwyer Hill, etc for a total ride distance of approx 105kms. This is one of our classic training runs. It takes in hills and rollers and lots of flat terrain. But, there is no coffee stop, so bring gels, bars, or what ever works for you. There will be no store for snacks until Quyon except for the corner store in Portage (after forty kms). As usual, it’s steady as she goes, with minimal delays on the road. Where else would you rather be?

Well, all the above is true, except this time we’ll take a 2 – 3 km detour to avoid a gravel section on Chemin d’Alymer. This will entail a left turn on Bristol Mines Rd at Chemin d’Alymer, a right turn on #148 (2kms), a left on Chemin Knox, a right on Cycleparc PPJ to Chemin Mackechnie. I did say adventure?

Caveat: All this subject to change based upon the turnout and the weather, and rider consensus.

Weather: 10 – 12 C for the ride and winds west at 20, with strong gusts to 35. Possibility of rain at the start but nothing significant. Dress for cool temperatures. It’s a go rain or shine.

As for Sunday, the temperature will be 1 – 2 C but dry. We’ll keep it short but given the late date, riding is a must.

New cyclists welcome.

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Okay, Ride your bike! Bye-bye, ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; https://twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

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