April 23/17: 73.2 Kms; 2.5 Hrs; 464 Metres; Eight Riders


Great ride this morning. It was cool to start but warmed up nicely. The lads are in fine fettle. It appears I’ll have to book four weeks in Mallorca next year to maintain an early season edge. There were new bikes, new wheels, and several svelte bodies on view from hard winter training. Lots of slim jims. These guys don’t rest. No rust.

Regarding next Saturday, it’s Quyon – 105 km circuit, most likely. Will post later this week.

Regarding matters of the heart (no not valentines), check out The Haywire Heart – Subtitle: Too much exercise can kill you, and what you can do to protect your heart.

Well, I apologise for the morbid theme to-day but what did you expect from a blogger who takes photos in cemeteries.

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