September 25/16: 70 Kms; 2 Hrs 19; 400 Metres; Seven Riders

Brr! Brr! Brr! That was cold, bordering on freezing temperatures, and especially uncomfortable when we encountered heavily shadowed sections of road. It wasn’t Joe who drove the pace. It was the cold air. Mind you, he was lead man in full flight, totally focused on riding into warmth. We couldn’t blame him so we followed his wheel without much of a murmur, content to wait until rising temperatures gave us respite from the pace. It took the better part of twenty-seven kilometres and it coincided with the hill climbs on Vaughn Side Road and Burnt Lands Road. By this time, zippers were parted; and, shortly afterwards wind jackets were pocketed. That was the good news because we now had to face what was to become a growing headwind for the return journey. Fortunately, Joe still had gas in the tank and Keith had reserve enough for two circuits. They made short work of the twenty kilometres to Pakenham, where we enjoyed coffee at the back table in the General Store. It was heavenly in its own simple way. If you’d been there, you would observed us with hands curled around paper coffee cups, slowly savouring each hot gulp and relishing the sweet trickle of raisin butter tarts. Yum. Toasty, cozy, and comfortable, we luxuriated in the moment. Priceless. You really just should have been there.

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