August 14/16: 95 Kms; 3 Hrs 05; 705 Metres; Seven Riders

There is a one day course at Algonquin College on how to interpret the weather forecast. It’s like learning to understand poetry, I think. There’s an art to it. One ponders, what does that phrase in the forecast really mean. Is it blank verse? Is the ‘pop’ merely alliteration; or, is it a metaphor underlying the uncertainty of reality? Who knows? Regardless, I think I’ll sign up. It would be a good use of the ‘club’s’ funds.

Well, as you know, there are no funds and there is no such course. I suppose a 30% chance of rain means there might be rain. And, there was. We should have known. Still, we left Stinsons ever hopeful of an improving outlook. Not, that there was much outlook, given the light mist from low hanging cloud. Visibility battled rooster spray intermittently and the gusting westerly meant our hands were held tight to the grips. In such weather, it’s always nice to have riders to share pulls at the front. And, this we had; and, it helps, too, if there is a youngster or two among them to do yeoman work.

All in all, it was great fun. It really was rock and roll from the get-go, including the race up Pinnacle Hill, where one might have wished for a higher VO2 max. Suffice it to say, we had a workout with its share of intervals, not the least of which was the run down Campbell Dr. to the highway. This is always a much anticipated section of the homeward leg, especially with a tail wind and with a wild-Joe several bikes lengths off the front being hotly pursued by Keith and then Sam, soon followed by Cathy (who wasn’t going to miss the catch) and then by Neil. As for me, I couldn’t hold Neil’s wheel, and as they say, that was it. It was an absolutely superb morning of riding in great company. But, I ask, where were you? You just should have been there.

I think I’ll begin ‘testing’ at Stinsons to find out why these guys have such fresh legs. I’m suspicious after hearing one of us state that he was headed right to the pharmacy for a fix. Rumour has it that strawberry and rhubarb pie is potent; as is Radler. Mind you, Keith swears by ice-cream. Not that you could get any of these at the Pharmacy. Still, … .

Reminder, on Sunday, we ride the TdB. That means on Saturday, we will only ride about 60 kilometres. Stay tuned for details. For those not riding the TdB, I would be happy to post a Stinsons start time for Sunday. Just let me know.

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