August 07/16: 40 Kms; 1 Hr 34; 259 Metres; Four Riders

Okay. That was short. Maybe not so sweet. Just a reminder to be ever mindful of our place in the pace-line relative to that of our fellow riders. A moments inattention can result in a crash. It happens in a split second. It’s never fun. You can ride close to the rider in front or beside you. That’s the point. But, you must ride with a margin of error for any wayward movement of your own or of the rider(s) in front. That’s why cyclists use the phrase, “Hold your line.” It doesn’t take much of a change (for example, avoiding a pothole or obstacle in the road) to create havoc in the pace line.


The good news is that other than a few scrapes, all is well. You can tell from the photo that smiles are the best bandages.

Otherwise, this morning, there was no knee knocking on the bench at For The Road cafe. It’s that time of year when family time and holidays take precedence. We only had four riders. This is another sign that summer is getting long in the tooth. Repetition has made the weekend rides mundane. The group ride has lost its novelty. And, sunrise is now 6 am. Many of the regulars are out-of-town. Still, we’ve done well to have good numbers for most of the summer. There are two events left: TdB and MEC. That should take us to the end of August. By then, we’ll cut back on the kilometres.

In the meantime, to shake it up at bit, and if the weather cooperates, we’ll ride the Gatineau Hills next Saturday as final preparation for the TdB. That means an early morning departure from Arnprior for a 7:30 am start from P3 on the Gatineau Parkway. That’s the tentative plan. To be confirmed. Ideas/comments welcome.

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